Central Atlantic Region Minutes

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192nd RSC Feb 2018 unpproved
191st RSC Feb 2018 Approved
190th RSC Feb 2018 Approved
189th RSC Feb 2018 Approved


188th RSC December 2017 approved
187th RSC October 2017 Approved
186th RSC August 2017
185th RSC June 2017 Approved
184th RSC April 2017
183rd RSC Feb 2017 Approved


182nd RSC December 2016 Approved(Additional Information)
181st RSC: October 2016 approved

180th RSC: August 2016 approved
179th RSC: June 2016
178th RSC: April 2016 approved
177th RSC: February 2016 approved


176th RSC: December 2015 approved
175th RSC: October 2015 approved
174th RSC: August 2015 approved
173rd RSC: June 2015
  approved as amended at the 174th
172nd RSC: April 2015 approved
February 2015 Regional Conference Cancelled


171st RSC: December  2014approved
170th RSC: October  2014approved as amended at the 171st RSC
169th RSC: August  2014approved
168th RSC: June  2014 approved as amended at 169th RSC
167th RSC: April  2014 approved
166th RSC: February 2014 approved


165th RSC: December  2013 approved 166th RSC
164th RSC: October  2013 approved as amended at 165th RSC
163rd RSC:
August 2013 approved 164th RSC
162nd RSC: June 2013 approved 163rd RSC
161th RSC: April 2013 approved as amended at the 162nd RSC
160th RSC: February 2013 approved 161st RSC


159th RSC: December 2012 approved 160th RSC
158th RSC: October 2012 approved as amended 159th RSC
157th RSC: August 2012 approved 158th RSC
156th RSC: June 2012 approved 157th RSC
155th RSC: April, 2012 approved as amended 156th RSC
154th RSC: February, 2012 approved 155th RSC


153rd RSC: December, 2011 approved 154th RSC
152nd RSC:October, 2011 approved 153rd RSC
151st RSC: August, 2011 approved 152nd RSC
150th RSC: June, 2011 approved 151st RSC
149th RSC: April, 2011 approved 150th RSC
148th RSC: February, 2011 approved 149th RSC


147th RSC: December, 2010 approved 148th RSC
146th RSC: October, 2010 approved 147th RSC
145th RSC: August, 2010 approved 146th RSC
144th RSC: June, 2010 approved 145th RSC
143rd RSC: April, 2010 approved 144th RSC
142nd RSC: February, 2010 approved as amended 143rd RSC


December 2009 Regional Conference Cancelled
141th RSC: October, 2009 approved 142nd RSC
140th RSC: August, 2009 approved 141st RSC
139th RSC: June, 2009 approved 140th RSC
138th RSC: April, 2009 approved 139th RSC
137th RSC: February, 2009 approved 138th RSC


136th RSC: December, 2008 corrected
135th RSC: October, 2008 approved 136th RSC
134th RSC: August, 2008 approved 135th RSC
133st RSC: June, 2008 approved 134th RSC
132st RSC: April, 2008 approved 133rd RSC
131st RSC: February, 2008 approved 132nd RSC


130th RSC: December 15, 2007 approved 131st RSC
129th RSC: October 20-21, 2007 approved 130th RSC
128th RSC: August 18, 2007 corrected 129th RSC
127th RSC: June 16, 2007 corrected
126th RSC: April 21, 2007 approved 127th RSC
125th RSC: February 17, 2007 approved 126th RSC



124th RSC: December 16, 2006 approved 125th RSC
123rd RSC: October 21-22, 2006 approved 124th RSC
122nd RSC: August 19, 2006 approved 123rd RSC



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