Policy Subcommittee


Discusses motions and proposals that amend the Central Atlantic Region Regional Service Committee Guidelines and Rules of Order (G&RO). Advises the RSC officers about the G&RO.


The RSC Chair may commit any motion that amends the G&RO to the Policy Subcommittee for its report and recommendations before permitting discussion or debate of such a motion on the RSC floor. Policy Subcommittee will review a motion committed to it to determine which parts of the G&RO will need to be amended to conform with the intent of the motion. Policy Subcommittee will report on the motion to recommend adoption or rejection of the motion, and to recommend amendments to the motion, if any.

Each February, Policy Subcommittee will issue its annual report, including a revised version of the G&RO as amended by the RSC minutes approved by the RSC. Guideline Motions included in RSC minutes which the RSC has not approved will be attached separately in an Addendum for reference, pending approval of the correlated minutes. Copies of the annual report will be provided to new RSC officers, RCMs and RCM Alternates upon request during the year.

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